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Chaps Sizing Chart - Please furnish a 10 sizes when ordering Chaps. We will call to verify all measurements.

Note: Since we make all chaps/chinks to your measurements, we will need the following measurements.

If you have ANY questions, please contact us by phone us at  and ask to speak with a Sharon.
***Please See Return Policy on Chaps/Chinks made custom at Bottom of Page

How to Measure for Custom Chaps / Chinks

Measuring for your custom chaps/chinks can be confusing.  If you have any concerns while measuring, we strongly recommend you to call us for guidance to ensure that you will be satisfied with the fit of your new chaps. 

Read carefully before you measure
Take your measurements wearing your actual show pants, belt, and boots.  These should be the same clothes you wear when you show.
Do not try to measure yourself, have someone measure you.  Follow directions exactly.
Use a soft measuring tape.  These are available at most fabric stores or drugstores.
Pull the tape so that it rest comfortably on your leg. Not too tight, not too loose.
DO NOT ADD OR SUBTRACT FROM YOUR MEASUREMENTS as exact measurements are necessary for construction.  Please call Sharon with special sizing requirements such as extra length or growth room for children.
Use this form below to fill in your information and click the submit at the bottom when you have filled in all fields.

Since all chaps are custom made there is 1;2c no refund after 5 days of placing the order. Please not return policy:

** Measurements needed for Chinks only!

** 1. Waist .   Just below the beltline.  Tape should touch the lower edge of belt.

** 2 .  Upper thigh .  Measure straight around the thigh at the uppermost point possible.

**3 .  Mid Thigh .  Measure half way between upper thigh measurement and center of knee.

4.  Knee .  Center of knee.

5.  Calf .  Measure at heaviest part of calf.

** 6 .  Outer seam Just below belt to the ground.   Tape should touch the lower edge of belt and follow side seam of pants to the ground.  DO NOT ADD.

** 7. Inseam From crotch to ground along inner seam of pants.  DO NOT ADD. 

8.  Thigh to knee .  Measure from crotch to center of knee. 

This part of the form below is so we can match your payment information with your sizes.  All fields are required.  Thank you!

First Name

Last Name

Contact Phone

Contact Email

Style of Chap
Choose Style Western Fringe Chaps Silver Trimmed Chaps Suede Trimmed Batwing Chaps Batwing Suede Perfomance Chaps Children's Chinks Fancy Chinks Working Chinks

Color (if required)


wpe9.jpg (20867 bytes)Refund/Return Policy - There are no refunds for custom orders if the sizes are supplied by the customer in error. All custom work added to chaps/chinks custom made: Such as sizing or Initals or Brands will be unrefundable or returnable.
Cancellations must be in writing with in 5 business days of placing the order. To request a cancellations after placing the order please call 1, and receive a refund approval code.No refunds for items, exchanges only offered. No refunds if the customer changes designs/colors, larger sizes, etc. After the materials have been cut 5 business days of placing the order.. Alterations can be made to items at the Designers expense.
RE- shipment fees will be provided by the customer. Customers wishing to exchange for different sizes must be returned within 15 days of receiving items. All custom designed, chaps, chinks, may take 10-12 weeks, for completion, please allow additional time if orders are changed, added to or altered by the customer after cutting of materials. Please inquire at time of order for approximate delivery date, and materials availability. Some custom orders may be completed prior to the 10-12 weeks, please inquire. Due to the cost of leathers and materials of custom work: Payment in full is expected at time of ordering Payment of Credit Card,Cash, Check or MO